Fall Is Coming



I know a popular show touts the idea that “Winter is coming,” but being the early adopter that I am, I need to bump it up a season: Fall Is Coming.

And is here, for the most part. Kids are in school. THREE kids: all related to me. In various locations.

  • 2 kids in soccer
  • 1 coach in soccer
  • 3 book groups
  • 3 church fun nights
  • 4 Sunday school classes
  • 1 Bible study
  • 1 CSA
  • 1 milk share
  • 2 participants in the School Fundraiser Run
  • 5 pay-for-pics opportunities
  • 1 carpool

FIVE people who want three meals a day. And clean laundry. And screen time. And to be read to, you know, when I’m curled up with my own book.

And a cat. Oh, Hobbsie.

photo (1)

It’s a new season. With new notes for Dren, sometimes on paper and sometime on technology. When it behaves (IOS7: we may have words.)

photo (2)

Crazy hats. Don’t forget the crazy hats.

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