DDP2012 #1 – Old School

My friend Amy is doing this thing. And my friend Sherry is doing this thing. And I wanna do a thing. So, here:

[Retrospective. I’m a slacker. Ask my college advisors, all four of them, if you can find them, mwahaha]

Prep for popcorn and cranberry stringing.

And just as my eldest has to wait until mid-day to find the Advent Calendar filled with the daily activity, so will the readers of this site have to wait for daily pics. Cause I have three kids. And I’m an introvert. And blahblahblah, excuses: just enjoy. 🙂

One thought on “DDP2012 #1 – Old School

  1. So fun that people actually 1) still read my blog 2) join in with me!

    I can’t ever post a pic until the end of the day because what if something even better happens after I put one up???

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