When a songwriter meets a felted creature during Advent

Yesterday I noticed Amazon was having a sale on albums:  100 listed for $5.  One of those listed:  John Denver and the Muppets:  A Christmas Together.  I love John Denver; I love the Muppets; I like Christmas:  I was sold.

I sent the link to the Hubby who makes all our music purchases, to which he promptly downloaded it.  At dinnertime he hooked up the Ipod to the stereo to enjoy the vocal stylings, and then commented, “I got a lot of comments at work about this.”


“Apparently it changed one of my coworker’s “you might like” list to be all Muppets.  He didn’t seem to like that.”

Hubby also sent the link onto a friend who promptly told him it was horrible.  “The Muppets, or John Denver?”


“Dren may not like you anymore.”

My father used to own every John Denver record known to man.  I remember going to a concert in Boise when I was a small tyke.  Everyone was so happy, singing along.  My folks had the Rocky Mountain Holiday record, which Hubby got for me (record – unopened) for my birthday the year we were dating.  Every time we’re in the car, my kids ask for “The Muppet Cast, please” which got us through quite a few CSA pickup runs.  And every morning for the past two weeks I’ve woken up with some song from The Muppet Christmas Carol stuck in my head.

Perhaps it’s because muppets are funny with little to no cares about daily life.  Perhaps it’s because they remind me of a simpler time.  Perhaps it’s because their songs are irritatingly catchy.  At any way, it’s a time of Christmas, but christmas with felt-based created creatures around here.  And if you can’t handle it, then I bang you on the head as only Monster can bang with his drum sticks, but with love, of course.

One thought on “When a songwriter meets a felted creature during Advent

  1. How can that be bad? John Denver? Goooood! Muppets? Goooood! Christmas? GOOOOOD!

    *sigh* sometimes I just don’t understand people – my brother and I love the Muppet Show and their movies.

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